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Categorization Database

We provide a daily updated well-structured database of domain names classified into 25 different categories with their owner contact information. It is based on a Machine Learning engine, which retrieves the website content and meta tags, extracts texts and assigns categories based on natural language processing.

The data we provide

Precise and relevant

Our web crawlers based on combination of advanced machine learning and human assistance parse millions of web pages to get active domain names contact information without the hassle and expense of web scraping or doing manual research. This enables you to extract categorized contact data.

Consolidated and coherent

All the information is well parsed and normalized to a consistent format for easy integration with your business processes. Get both parsed and raw data for downloads as database dumps (MySQL or MySQL dump) and Comma Separated Values (.csv) files.

Extended capabilities

You can also combine Website Classification Database with our WHOIS Database Downloads and obtain WHOIS records containing contact information, registrant details etc for any or all of the 25 categories.

Level up your marketing

Identify profitable opportunities. Generate and qualify leads based on your top performing customer profiles.

Gather business intelligence. Build marketing applications. Get to know your customer.

Examine the content of a page to determine the context in terms of brands, topics or keywords, simultaneously providing a rich data source to buyers for reaching target audiences and to publishers for monetizing their inventory.

Brand protection & risk management

Prevent potential damage to your brand image by monitoring references in unwanted categories. Ensure media placements are always aligned with the brand image.

Perform background checks on potential partners, suppliers or random visitors. Minimise risks and prevent fraud activity.

Investigate threats at the URL and identify malicious activities such as malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware.

Web filtering & Access blocking

Website categorization provides you with a quicker way to deal with Internet filtering and subscriber analytics, and to prevent fraud. You will be able to promptly block suspicious content that may arise in your application, device, appliance or corporate network. Simply give our API a query containing the requested URL and deny access if it categories do not fit in with your "approved" list items.

We offer you a flexible and, what’s more, scalable engine-based machine learning solution for practically any and every scenario meeting a range of objectives ranging from those of an individual business to enterprise solutions.

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